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It's time to become the most destructive tornado in the history of mankind in Super! Devour everything in your path and take your courage as you make your way through the streets of a city in complete chaos - everything is upside down, and other tornadoes are stalking the city to become the most powerful! Will you let them take your place? Grow out of control as you gobble up all kinds of objects, buildings, vehicles, animals, and even smaller tornadoes, and explore every nook and cranny as you tear through everything in your path. Invest your earnings to improve your game experience and collect keys and power ups to grow even bigger. Accumulate several kills in a row to get combos and quickly get the highest score and the first place on the leaderboard. Are you ready to sweep? Good luck to you...

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Adventure games are a genre of video games that typically involve players assuming the role of a protagonist who embarks on a journey or quest, often in a fictional or fantastical world. These games emphasize exploration, storytelling, and problem-solving. In adventure games, players navigate through different environments, interact with characters, and solve puzzles or complete tasks to advance the narrative. The storyline is a central element, and players may encounter various challenges, mysteries, and obstacles along the way. These games often require strategic thinking, critical decision-making, and sometimes even resource management. Adventure games can vary widely in setting, style, and gameplay mechanics. They can range from text-based interactive fiction to highly immersive 3D environments. Some adventure games may also incorporate elements from other genres, such as action, role-playing, or puzzle-solving. Overall, adventure games offer a rich and engaging gaming experience that often focuses on narrative-driven experiences and the exploration of imaginative worlds.